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As of Nov 15, 2018, CVA will be using a VOIP phone system provided by Crexendo.

What is VoIP? Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that allows users to make voice calls over the internet connection instead of using an analog phone line. Its brings many advantages to users that analog phones systems do not.

Some of these advanatages include:
-Voice mail to email
-Unlimited incoming call lines, no busy signals
-No location limitations. Users can use their phones anywhere in the world where an ethernet connections is available.
-Call forwarding to mobile device
-Mobile app available to download to your mobile device. Allows you to call from your office number on your mobile device.
-Admin web account to control your phone text and in from the office line.
-Calls recorded for quality and training purposes
CrexConnexe Collaboration

Below is a list of resources for employees to learn about their Crexendo phone:

-CX270 Crexendo phone

Photo of Crexendo cx270  .

Instructional training video

Specification Fact Sheet

Quick Reference Guide

Mobile App 


Additional Training Videos:

How to use Call Park

Call Forwarding

Conference Calling

How to transfer a call

eFax Quick Guide





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